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Rent Online

Rent Online

Ski rental San Vigilio di Marebbe

SnowShop is the rental and shop of the Italian Ski & Snowboard School in San Vigilio di Marebbe. Located in the heart of one of the most charming towns in the Dolomites, it offers a wide range of products for all skill levels and ages, available for both rent and purchase.


Rent ski or shop with us. We tell you why…



What distinguishes our ski rental from others is the fact that it is run by the Ski School and thus, by professional ski, snowboard, cross-country and freestyle instructors.

Our skis are tested by the instructors and their feedback allows us to give tailor-made advice to all our customers, adults and children. Hiring skis from us is a guarantee.

Get advice, choose your skis, hit the slopes of Plan de Corones / Kronplatz, and get inspired by the beauty of the Dolomites.

Ski rental for 

kids ski hire

Ski rental for 

adults ski hire

Skis for children

There are many types of skis to hire, starting with the smallest ones. 

Children's skis are primarily selected on the basis of height; only when they are older are their acquired abilities also taken into account. 

Children between 3 and 5 years of age need skis that are safe, well maintained and suited to their height. 

The hire shop is among the best equipped in the area. 

The safety of our rental equipment is close to our hearts. 

Skis are regularly serviced and thoroughly tested. 

This also includes servicing the bindings, which are essential components of the skis and included in all rental packages.

Skis for adult beginners

Ski hire skis for adults, on the other hand, vary greatly, simply because you need to distinguish your starting level. 

The SnowShop San Vigilio di Marebbe offers skis for beginners, skis for advanced and also skis for experts. 

Beginner skis differ from the others in that they are lighter, more manoeuvrable and flexible. 

In other words, for adults or teenage beginners, this type of ski allows them to learn the technique faster and with greater ease.


Skis for adults intermediate 


Skiers, on the other hand, who already know how to make turns and feel confident enough to tackle even slightly steeper slopes (such as red runs) can safely opt for a ski with a slightly higher performance. 


Ski performance is measured by how responsive the equipment is to the skier's stimuli and its stability when speed increases. 


Not only does speed count, but also piste conditions, which can vary greatly (from ice, freshly fallen snow, mounds, etc.).

Rent advanced skis for adults 

Skiers who are approaching edge skiing are prepared to use performance equipment that varies greatly in shape and flexibility. This affects the arc of the turn and thus, the skiing options for the skier. 

Why shouldn't an expert skier use a beginner's ski? Simple, because when skiing at a higher speed with the intention of driving the ski on the edge, the ski needs the stability and responsiveness required to successfully manoeuvre through the snow.

Not sure what kind of ski you need? Come to our rental shop, our team will assist you and provide the perfect equipment for your needs.